"Though the flesh be bugged, the circumstances of existence are pretty glorious."

- Jack Kerouac

We at bryteside believe that much can be taken from this short quote. We grant that life can seem daunting at times, with events and circumstances often beyond our control. If we listen to the voices around us, it is easy to focus on the negatives and to miss the positives.

There is, however, much more in this world that is promising and optimistic than what the media and the general consensus would have us believe. While the headlines tout life-threatening illnesses, scientists are working on and finding cures for the diseases we face. While wars are still fought, new partnerships are forged between people and nations every day. While some people do still go hungry, our ability to improve farms and produce food continues to grow.

We started bryteside as a way to remind ourselves and those around us of the things in life that make us smile; that remind us of just how glorious existence really is. We live in an age of unprecedented communication, longevity, bounty, and joy. Now more than ever, people are coming together to fight hunger, disease, and war. While the mainstream press may rely on the model that "fear sells," we feel differently. We think there are many people like ourselves,who would rather focus on the bryteside of life.

We invite you to visit our site to remind yourself of the good in life, to share your stories with others, or to just crack a smile on a long day.

- the bryteside team